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The planet is a mysterious place filled with all kinds of critters, creations, and crustaceans that continually baffle scientists as more and more discoveries are made. It seems as if there is not an inch of the earth that has not been visited by human feet and eyes, yet new frontiers pop up quite frequently. The extreme mystery and adventure that are associated with nature makes it the perfect subject for numerous television shows. With nature shows people can up close and personal with the world around them by simply watching programs and image in high definition.

The Discovery Channel alone has tons of wonderful shows that are worth checking out but there are some nature shows that stand out above the rest. First on the list of the top five nature television shows is "Most Extreme". This program on the Animal Planet and features a different trait each episode. If an episode intends to feature nature's "best mothers", then the show counts down the top ten mothers in the animal kingdom, explaining to the viewer why each animal or even plant has won a particular title. Seeing a Tasmanian devil fight its own mate in HD is a truly unique experience. Second on the list is "Deadliest Catch". This show follows Alaskan crabbers as they battle with Mother Nature and all of her grizzly elements in order to catch enough crab to make their living.

This show lets audiences get an up close look at how truly ruthless the natural elements can be. The third show on the list is "Man Vs. Wild". Seeing Bear Grylls eat a dead and rotting zebra carcass in the middle of the desert just to stay alive can give any viewer a little more appreciation for their dinner and bed at night. Watching him survive in the absolute wild really educated people on what it takes to make it without the creature comforts most of us have had all of our lives. Fourth on the list is "Shark Week". Though this is a series that occurs once each year, educating the masses on the realities of sharks is very important for the survival of the animals and for their successful coexistence with human beings. Satellite tv can help people think of sharks as more than just predators out on a mission to eat them.

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The fifth and final series on the list is "Planet Earth". The multi-part series brought amazing, never before seen images into the homes of people all over the world, instilling awe and bewilderment in nearly all viewers. The educational quality of this series and the breathtaking imagery make it the best nature television series to ever air. Having a reliable company like http://www.tvbydirect.com/ DirectTV on a person's side means that they can count on seeing all of their favorite nature shows. Satellite tv can do a lot to educate people and http://www.bestchoicetv.com/ Direct TV can give people peace of mind since they can focus more on the material being presented to them rather than whether or not their television provider is reliable or not.

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Up Close With Mother Nature

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This article was published on 2010/03/30