Image vs. revenue, corporate was right whereas nature went wrong

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Has nature produced any premium species? If so, whether nature also has produced some species that are very common or ordinary? Which species, premium or ordinary has added more value to nature like how premium and mass market product add revenue to the corporate?


Nature has done all kinds of experiments like how most FMCG companies do.  Nature also has withdrawn many premium species from market (nature) due to the theory of survival of the fittest.  Always premium species and premium products are very limited in numbers and would find it difficult/hard to survive in market place.  The law of premium category does not differentiate whether it is FMCG product or biological species. 


Why companies go for premium category marketing?  Definitely the premium category enhances the business growth, but also it fills the niche available in the market.  Most corporate believe that premium category only can give great respect and repute to the organization whereas, the mass market product gathers may be more revenue.  Premium products are highly priced and are exclusively made for the affluent people.  Besides offering promise, promise on promise and impossible benefits on premium products, creation of ‘new scary sacred' needs are also done by them to make the end user to be ever indebted to such products.  More than the need, ‘to have and I have' (I have wealth and I want to have such products) energy only compel the higher echelons to go for premium products. 


Marketing premium products is very difficult as the buyers of the premium products are neither price sensitive nor price conscious.  The image of the product matters more than anything, including the need. 


Nature also has created many premium species in nature.  Most of the endangered animals of today in general can be classified as premium species of nature.  Many fastidious and specialist animals also can be called premium species.  On the contrary, the animals like pigeon, crow etc., can be classified as ordinary or common species.  Always, the ordinary/common/mass market products and ordinary/common species suffer less of threat or competition.  Whereas, the premium species can survive only in certain habitats and their survival needs are very strict & straight, hence they become extinct with the destruction of their respective habitat.  People always carry secret desire for premium products and premium species and hence they are selectively searched for and hunted them.


Only difference between nature and FMCG industry is that nature has produced several premium species where as most FMCG industry in general go for ordinary or mass market products.  Nature wants to be a specialist, very unique and its products to be rare, versatile, diverse & vibrant. 


The biological or the behavioural distance between different species is very vast and unique on the contrary, FMCG companies make products with little or limited difference.  FMCG believes in the philosophy of marketing/selling through emotional triggers.  Nature believed in truth, beauty and honesty.  Nature would have learned by now from the modern corporate that ‘truth, beauty and honesty' never wins in human world.  This is the success secret of most FMCG industries in the world.  

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Image vs. revenue, corporate was right whereas nature went wrong

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This article was published on 2011/06/26